Ulrike Quade Company has a cultural ANBI status. Making a donation to an ANBI institution is especially attractive due to the tax benefits. For more information, visit the Tax Administration website.

We endorse the Governance Code Culture.

General information:

Stichting Ulrike Quade Company
Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 1125
1063 BJ Amsterdam


Dorien Lathouwers (Chair)
Sophie Lambo (Treasurer)
Danilo Tesi (Secretary)



Foundation objectives:

  1. To create and execute projects in the field of theater and related forms of visual media.
  2. To promote the quality and development of puppetry, theater, and other visual media, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
  3. To promote research and development of contemporary forms of puppetry and object theater, as well as hybrid forms of visual theater, mime, dance, audiovisual media, music, etc.
  4. To exchange experiences and ideas in the described fields with active players and groups.

Remuneration policy:

The board receives no compensation or attendance fees. Management
The management receives compensation in accordance with the guidelines of the CAO Theater & Dance.
The staff follows the CAO Theater & Dance.

Annual reports:

Annual report UQC 2023Standard Form ANBI Publication Requirement 2023

Annual report UQC 2022 – Standard Form ANBI Publication Requirement 2022

Annual report UQC 2021 – Standard Form ANBI Publication Requirement 2021

Annual report UQC 2020Standard Form ANBI Publication Requirement 2020

Annual report UQC 2019

Annual report UQC 2018

Annual report UQC 2017

Annual report UQC 2016

Annual report UQC 2015

Annual report UQC 2014

Financial statements:

Financial statement 2021


Policy plans 2021-2024