ANBI & Cultural Governance

Foundation Ulrike Quade Company has a so called Cultural ANBI status. A gift to an ANBI institution is even more attractive through tax benefits. You can find more information on the website of the Dutch Tax Authority.

We think good governance is essential for trust in the non-profit sector. Therefore we endorse the Dutch Governance Code Culture.

General information
Stichting Ulrike Quade Company
Jan Tooropstraat 73-75

Gerard van Veen (voorzitter)
Sophie Lambo (penningmeester)
Dorien Lathouwers (secretaris)


Formal goals of the foundation
1. Establishing and implementing theatre projects in relation to other forms of visual media.
2. Promoting the quality and development of puppetry in theatre and other visual media, both in The Netherlands and abroad.
3. Promoting research and development of contemporary forms of performances with puppets and objects, and mixed forms of visual theatre, mime, dance, audiovisual, music and so on.
4. The exchange of experiences and ideas in the area described with active performers and groups.

Supervisory board
Gerard van Veen (chairman)
Dorien Lathouwers (secretary)
Sophie Lambo (treasurer)

Remuneration policy
Supervisory board
The board receives no remuneration or attendance.

Executive board
Management receives remuneration in accordance to the guidelines in the CAO Theatre & Dance.

The staff follows the CAO Theatre & Dance.

Under the artistic guidance of Ulrike Quade the company produces visual theatre. These performances are both layered and accessible. Current and existential themes take shape through the use of scenography and various theatrical resources, including puppets.

Jaarverslag UQC 2018
Jaarverslag UQC 2017
Jaarverslag UQC 2016
Jaarverslag UQC 2015
Jaarverslag UQC 2014

n.b.: All these official documents are available in Dutch only. If you are interested in our extensive policy plan 2017-2020, please send an e-mail to However this document is available in Dutch only too.