“An act of feminine imagination.”

ORITO – ±75 minutes

This new robot opera by Ulrike Quade Company, in collaboration with opera director Lisenka Heijboer-Castanon and composer Stephanie Pan, draws inspiration from Orito, a character in David Mitchell’s novel “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet”.  

In the book, Orito is a midwife and the only non-prostitute allowed into the Dutch East India Company trading post on Dejima Island, Japan. She is taken to a monastery to assist with births. Upon discovering the grim fate of the children she helps deliver, she decides to fight back. 

Our interpretation explores existential questions about life and reimagines society’s future. At its core, Orito is an act of feminine imagination, featuring five female performers, a Bunraku-inspired puppet, and a KUKA robot. 

Treating the KUKA as a musical instrument, Stephanie Pan’s composition blends expressive voices, synths, industrial beats, and machinery sounds into a soundscape that is both powerful and delicate. 

Touring period:

5/7/2025 20:00 Amsterdam Zuidoost – Bijlmer Parktheater Try-Out
5/8/2025 20:00 Amsterdam Zuidoost – Bijlmer Parktheater Premiere
5/16/2025 20:30 Nijmegen – LUX Regular
5/17/2025 20:30 Nijmegen – LUX Regular
5/20/2025 20:30 Amsterdam – Frascati Regular
5/21/2025 20:30 Amsterdam – Frascati Regular
5/28/2025 20:30 Haarlem – Schuur Regular
5/29/2025 20:30 Haarlem – Schuur Regular
6/3/2025 20:15 ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Theater aan de Parade Regular
6/17/2025 20:15 Leiden – Leidse Schouwburg-Stadsgehoorzaal Regular

Press quotes about earlier productions:
 “A true spectacle that enchants, and at the same time offers the space to think, and feel. Finally.” – Theaterkrant (critic’s choice) about Fetus Heaven. 
,,A renewed imagination of a hundread-year-old, mysterious fairytale’’ – De Groene Amsterdammer about Lady Into Fox. 
“A significant performance, especially in terms of set design and puppet play.” – de Volkskrant about Coco Chanel.

Come See


20 June — Podium Mozaïek (Amsterdam)

An intimate theatrical concert in which neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and indigenous rhythms come together.

Future Stages

1 May, Frascati (Amsterdam)

The latest instalment of a talkshow about the collaboration between theatre and new technologies.