A musical journey through the in-between

May 24 – Premiere – Bijlmerparktheater (Amsterdam)

UNBORN — EN — 40 minutes

After the successful performance “Fetus Heaven” (2023), OTION (Guillermo Armand Blinker) and Ulrike Quade Company join forces again.

UNBORN is an intimate theatrical concert blending ambient neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop and indigenous rhythms. Inspired by the infinite in-between of transformation, UNBORN invites you to travel through the inner universe of OTION. Surrounded by emotions like confusion, melancholy and joy, UNBORN creates a moment of reflection and motivates you to kick off your own personal process of transformation. Venture through a world of text, music and projections with the guiding question: “Am I breaking down or unfolding?”.

Guillermo Armand Blinker, a.k.a. OTION – Master of Sceneries, is a versatile artist from Amsterdam with an academic background in the performing arts (LMIPA & Codarts). Some of his most recent works are: Tijd Zal Ons Leren (Time Will Tell Us, for Het Nationale Theater), Frekti Singi (for Amsterdam Museum) and Ripple – Opera Forward Festival (National Opera & Ballet). His work exists of songs/compositions, live performances and meditative sound journeys.

Am I breaking down or unfolding?

Experience UNBORN this summer at different locations throughout the Netherlands. Check the schedule and get your tickets now.


Concept, composition, direction and performance: OTION – Master of Sceneries 
Instrumentation: Nathan Klumperbeek, Tez Thompson 
Assistant Director: Anne van Dorp 
Scenography: Hendrik Walther 
Costume: Carly Everaert 
Videography: Bouba Dola 
Sound Producer: droppeddots 
Mixing Engineer: Franco Fernandez  
Technical Production: Mark Thewessen 
Sound engineering: Nina Kraszewska 
Production manager: Isha Plug 
Campaign image: David van Woerden 
Poster/flyer design: Marika Seo 
Teaser/Trailer: Bowie Verschuuren 

Many thanks to: Studio Roex, De Hofnar Present & management 

A production by Ulrike Quade Company 

Tour Dates

5 april 20:00 — Try-out — De Sloot (Amsterdam)
6 april 20:00 — Try-out — De Sloot (Amsterdam)
24 mei — Première — Bijlmerparktheater (Amsterdam)
26 mei — Bijlmerparktheater (Amsterdam)
20 juni — Podium Mozaïek (Amsterdam)
20 september — Frascati (Amsterdam)
21 september — Frascati (Amsterdam)