Pop Arts 2016

Welcome to the nightclub of the Pop Arts Festival: Puppet Explosion!

Exclusively for the opening of Pop Arts 2016 Klein Bellevue was transformed into a nightclub full of extravagant puppets. Visitors could grab a drink at the bar and walk through a labyrinth of short acts and uplifting music, just to be carried away by this special night, where young creators showcased their work.

Pop Arts Festival and Ulrike Quade Company served the latest contemporary puppet theatremakers in a nightclub free of charge.



KOBE is the collective of Nastaran Razawi Khorasani and Davy Pieters. Together they create a diversity of performances for completely different scenes, from theatre to clubs, from art galleries to music. The performances of KOBE are located at the intersection of art and kitsch and has pop culture as the biggest source of inspiration.

At Pop Arts KOBE presented with their KOBE girl band the PUSSY- & TERROR TRACK: two bombastic live video clips with playback songs in which they mock and glorify phenomena of pop culture.

Performers: Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, Davy Pieters, Anne Fe de Boer, Carmen Pereira, Tessa Moerkerken, Isis Cabolet, Milou van Duijnhoven and Sharai Rodrigues
. Music: Jimi Zoet & KOBE. Masks: Esmee Kullik.

Gijs van Bon


Latex paint, ink cartridge, electronics/motors etc.

“Fleeting just briefly creates cultural order and then lets it go into natural chaos. 

With an inkjet cartridge a single line of text is written on the rotating surface of a tray of wet white latex paint at slow speed. A pivotting piece of wire disturbs the text, fluidifies the substance and stretches reality.”

Ester Natzijl

De Bolero Doll & WATCHING the act

De Bolero Doll: A robot/puppet is made to give love or to dance. But this time is puppet is programmed incorrectly and there are errors in the hard- and software…

Concept and performance: Ester Natzijl. Music: ‘Bolero’ van Maurice Ravel

WATCHING the act is about a woman who’s in conflict with her fears and desires. These fears and desires take shape in a revived, sometimes extreme evil avatar.

Concept and performance: Ester Natzijl. Musis: ‘Swan Lake Opus 20, suite: 2, Valse’, P.I.Tchaikovsky.

Joost Vrouenraets

The Chanel Shag

Dance The Chanel Shag together with Joost Vrouenraets! Watch the film en practice your moves at home.

Camille Paycha en Ruben Mardulier / Hélaba Compagnie

I ate the entire fruit salad

The performance ‘I ate the entire fruitsalad’ is situated a modern Garden of Eden. Camille and Ruben try to understand what it means today to be a Adam & Eve. Ancient patterns are broken and determine the relationship to each other. Together they’re searching for answers: Meet God Google…

Pop Up Performances

Lena Glücksman Nilsson and Helene Binder dressed as a futuristic manikins in white full body suits, Cat Smits with different puppets and Dagmar Dekker, Moriah Dekker, Pluck Venema and Noufri Bachdin with puppets from Osaka.


Ulrike Quade Company & Pop Arts Festival 2016.

Pop Arts Festival is an initiative of Theater Bellevue, De Krakeling and Ostade A’dam and presents the latest in the field of puppetry and objecttheater from the Netherlands and abroad. In 2016, the seventh edition of this annual festival will take place in Theater Bellevue, De Krakeling and Ostade A’dam, De Brakke Grond and at several outdoor locations.