Pop Arts 2014

The 2014 Pop Arts Festival opened with a production by Ulrike Quade Company in co-production with Theater Bellevue. The nightclub Puppet Explosion was a dance night during which a group of young talents presented short works. Ulrike Quade showed Munch en Van Gogh, The Scream of the Sunflower, as well as the results of the intense masterclass for Bunraku Puppet Creation with Watanabe Kuzanori. Furthermore, they shared the results of a workshop with De Tekstsmederij, which presented five writers with the chance to write new scenes for puppetry inspired by the life of Russian writer Limonov.

The Pop Arts Festival 2014 showcased an exciting international programme for all ages. Nine full days where dedicated to the national and international artistic developments in puppetry and object theatre. Ensembles from Spain, Israel, Italy, Belgium, the UK and of course the Netherlands joined the festival. The programme included shows by more than 20 theatre companies as well as an extensive fringe programme which included Ulrike Quade Company. Pop Arts Festival took place at Bellevue, De Krakeling and Ostadetheater in Amsterdam from 1 to 9 February 2014

,,Puppetry ain’t child’s play. The theatre makers work with much more than fabric and make paper.’’

De Telegraaf (Esther Kleuver)


Pop Arts Festival, Theater Bellevue and Ulrike Quade Company.