This is the Future Stages #6 programme

Wednesday, January 24 – 7.30 pm-9.45 pm – Theater Utrecht, Hoefijzerstraat 10, Utrecht

Kris Verdonck

The work of Kris Verdonck (1974) is a cross over of visual art and theatre, at the intersection of performance and installation, dance and architecture. On stage he combines the ‘dead’ (equipment/technology) with the ‘living’ (performers). During Future Stages, Verdonck takes you into the animation of the ‘dead’. How do you bring a device to life and thereby play with the empathy of your audience?

Edwin Dertien

Edwin Dertien (1979) studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente and received his PhD in 2014 for his inspection robot PIRATE. Based on this PhD research, he also worked on setting up the Creative Technology program. He is now an assistant professor in the Robotics and Mechatronics research group and active as an independent engineer in the art world. In this Future Stages he shares his experiences, lessons and pitfalls about working with robotics from those perspectives.

Mette Sterre

The way in which complex body masks restrict and allow movement forms the basis of Mette Sterre’s (1983) performances, installations and films. Sterre investigates how the human contour in the broadest sense of the word can be disrupted, both ideologically and materially, to ask what else we can be than humans. In Future Stages, Sterre explains how she incorporates robotic elements into performances, installations, but also costumes to search for fusions between humans and the more-than-human.

Residents Center Stage Robotics

In Center Stage Robotics, Ulrike Quade Company, together with various partners, conducts research into industrial robots and robotics in a theatrical and performative setting. Within this research, various artists in residence work with industrial KUKA robot arms. In Future Stages, residents Marijn Brussaard and Niek Vanoosterweyck (duo) and Lea Elleman give an insight into their research. Niek and Marijn use Étienne Decroux’s classic mime style as a starting point to bring the robot to life. Lea Ellemann combines her practice as a fashion designer with 3D printing, sound design and (robotic) movement.

Panel discussion lead by Marijke Hessels

After the break, Techdramaturg and Sr. Research & Development at Ulrike Quade Company Marijke Hessels will moderate a panel discussion with all speakers. The audience also has the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.


We end the evening with a drink, to chat and network.