Open call

Autumn 2023

Do you as a maker, creative technologist or designer want to experiment with Ulrike Quade Company? Does the opportunity to do research with industrial robots and robotics on stage excite you? And do you want to contribute to the question how knowledge from the performing arts can inspire the world of robotics and contribute to a new ‘representation‘ of and about a future with robotics? If the answer is yes, we invite you to respond to the open call below: 

Residency Center Stage Robotics

Between November 6, 2023 and April 30, 2024, we offer – in collaboration with our partners visual artist Bram Ellens, programmer Rick van Dugteren of Event Robotics, and Prof. Dr. Maaike Bleeker on behalf of Utrecht University – two residencies for makers, creative technologists or designers to work on a researchproject that results in a presentation. To facilitate this, we open up the robot lab and workshop Creative Robotics in Almere (with access to various industrial robots and associated software) as a workplace where projects can be developed that resonate with the work and the substantive themes of Ulrike Quade Company. We do not expect a full-time commitment, but instead stretch out the collaboration over a couple of months to ensure enough time for technological developments. We aim to come to a workable schedule together. 

This residency is part of the overarching project Center Stage Robotics. Within this project, Ulrike Quade Company conducts research into the encounter between performing artists and (industrial) robots in several ways. The resident-maker is therefore invited to exchange knowledge with the aforementioned partners and the other resident-maker(s) who work in parallel with their own research. In addition, Ulrike Quade Company values the entire work process, not just the end result. The open call is therefore also linked to the assignment to accurately document the process, explorations and insights, that will ultimately (partially) be published in an online archive. 

  • We encourage proposals that:

    • connect with one of the following substantive themes or perspectives: Robotics as (engine behind) living scenography / Japanese (bunraku) doll meets robotic arm / robotics, movement and music;
    • question the traditional domain of technology on stage, by embracing experimentation and wanting to dive into unconventional digital work processes;  
    • make an important contribution to the practice, theatrical/technological research and development of your own makership;  
    • are prepared to make the artistic work process transparent and accessible to the public;  
    • are realistic about their feasibility and implementation; This is convincingly demonstrated, for example with the help of sketches, images or sources of inspiration.
  • We offer:

    • Use of a large rehearsal room/theatre hall in Broedplaats de Vlugt (Amsterdam);
    • 10 weeks access to the robot lab of Creative Robotics in which you publicly develop new work and at the same time archive and unlock the knowledge;  
    • Access to the following robots: 4 KUKA 150/210, 1x portable KUKA 150, a KUKA KR10, a Cruzr (a care robot), a Clicbot, a Go1 or Go2 (the robot dog), 4 DORNA2s. In addition to robotics, also access to various hardware (XSens, MoCap, suit, VIVE trackers) and software licenses;
    • Access to a theatrical arsenal consisting of various puppets, video and sound technology, sets and means of transport;  
    • Participation in Future Stages program, (expert meetings aimed at knowledge exchange, networking and deepening of artistic practice);  
    • Artistic-substantive guidance, tailored to your personal needs;  
    • Marketing and communication (e.g. via social media, website, newsletters); 
    • A budget for research costs, travel and material costs of 4,000 euros excl. VAT;  
    • A fee of 9,000 excl. VAT, (higher total amount for a collective is negotiable). 


Send your response before October 15th. to

We would like to receive:

  • a research proposal including any supporting images (max. 1 A4 text),
  • your CV (max. 1 A4),
  • your portfolio including a link to your website (max. 5 A4).

Do you have questions? Please contact senior Research & Development Marijke Hessels:

Marijke Hessels

Marijke Hessels

Senior Research & Development


  • 6 to 27 November 2023

    concept development/preliminary research

  • mid-November

    interim pitch during Future Stages programme


  • 4 December to 22 December 2023

    research period I in robot lab of Creative Robotics

  • 8 January to 1 March 2024:

    research period II in robot lab of Creative Robotics

    8 January to 1 March 2024:

  • 4 March to 9 April 2024

    working period in Broedplaats de Vlugt

  • 12 April to the end of April 2024

    creative period in robot lab of Creative Robotics

    12 April to the end of April 2024

  • End of April 2024

    presentation tot the public and participating partners during Future Stages programme