Back on stage due to overwhelming success!

Mahler & Kokoschka is coming back to theatres in early 2020.

“A performance full of paradox, beautifully acted by Aafke Buringh and Marijn Klaver. But above all: by two dolls that look exactly like them. The magnificent text was written by Hannah van Wieringen, and is partly based on authentic sources. Ulrike Quade made the idea come to life in a beautiful and intense way.” – Theaterkrant

“Ulrike Quade and writer Hannah Wieringa found each other in their shared fascination for romance between the main characters. This led to them working with scenographer Ruben Wijnstok. Together they created a beautiful, very special performance – in content but also in form. A provocative detail is that after their real-life break-up, Kokoschka did have a doll made after the image of his lover Alma. That gives the performance an extra dimension. Besides the fine, detailed puppets that are played by Buringh and Klaver, we also see a life-size Alma doll enter stage in the end. Heartfelt.”  – Volkskrant