Dog’s Love

A tribute to the misfits, the doubters, and the dreamers who have lost their way and are unable to adapt to the demands of our time.

The main character is a man who carries his soul under his arm. He sits on a bench and watches the life being played before him of which he is not a part. He meets a blind girl who lives like an owl in the night. The man decides to tell her his life story. The collaboration between writer/director Kees Roorda and visual theatre maker Ulrike Quade results in a performance that loves between reality and fantasy.

Dog’s Love is a coproduction between The Glasshouse and Ulrike Quade Company in collaboration with Bellevue Lunchtheater Amsterdam.

Supported by: The Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts & The City of Amsterdam


Concept: Ulrike Quade en Kees Roorda
Script & direction: Kees Roorda
Design set & puppets: Ulrike Quade
Performers: Matthias Maat & Ulrike Quade
Assistant puppet construction: Maria Landgraf
Stage construction: Stage Brothers
Costumes: Atty Kingma
Sound design: Hanneke de Feijter
Lightdesign: Stefan Dijkman
Technicians: Niels Runderkamp & Jan Sol
Production: Maaike Mul & Markell Helmann
Graphic design: Studio Matusiak & Eddy Wenting
Business coordination & international bookings: Ton Driessen