Lisa’s Great Journey

Little Lisa can’t sleep without the songs her grandmother used to sing for her. Lisa loves her grandmother, but she is no longer with her. That’s why Lisa goes on a journey to find her. The trip is long and difficult. But the musicians help her find what she is looking for in the end.

Violin player Peter Brunt, and cello and cimbaal player Michiel Weidner travel along with their music. Directed by Ulrike Quade, who also created the puppet Lisa. Images and video help portray Lisa’s world.

Lisa’s Great Journey is a performance for children age 6 and older, and was realized in co-production with Stichting Orkaan, producer of musical shows for kids. Premiered 7 November 2009 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

,,Lisa’s ragdoll remains get a human realness through the magnificent movements by puppeteer Jitka Lejdarová. The decor by Michiel voet breathes with memories of a cosy time gone by, with grandma’s great armchair right in the middle of the stage. During the journey, we get to know the puppet and reactions from the audience ensue.’’

★★★★ De Telegraaf (Frederieke Berntsen)


Concept, direction and puppet design: Ulrike Quade
Violin: Peter Brunt
Cimbalom and cello: Michiel Weidner
Puppetry and dance: Jitka Lejdarová
Puppetry, dance and vocals: Renske van der Sluis
Dramaturgy: Georg Weinand
Decor: Michiel Voet
Projection: Jonas de Witte
Costumes: Zita Winnubst
Light design: Desirée van Gelderen

Lisa’s Great Journey was co-produced by Oorkaan.