The Dreamless

Kasimir & Karoline

Karoline: “All I ever really wanted was to have a drink. But than the Zeppelin came along and I went into the rollercoaster. And than you said that I would leave you anyway because you are now unemployed. Anyway, you said.” Kasimir: “Most certainly, mylady”.


In collaboration with Ulrike Quade Company Theater Basel features a new adaptation of Kasimir und Karoline van Ödön von Horváth.  It is Ulrike Quade’s first direction with this renowned Swiss theatre.

The original setting of Kasimir und Karoline (1932), an Octoberfest during the Depression, is translated into a dance festival scene, with all its obscure visitors.  We watch Kasimirs world collapse as the love of his life redirects her affections towards a man with more market value when he is sacked. A new order is the result. Kasimir is the only character opposing teh system, but the price is high.

Ödön von Horváth (1901-1938) called his play a ballad of the unemployed driver Kasimir and his bride, a ballad full of pity and remorse but lightened by humour, that is to say by the everyday notion that we all have to die.’ Is man – as Horvath states – degraded by crises and the political situation?


Direcction Ulrike Quade

Scenography and light: Floriaan Ganzevoort |Costumes Jacqueline Steijlen | Choreography: Joost Vrouenraets | Music Jannik Giger en Lukas Huber | Puppets: Matt Jackson | Light and technics : HeidVoegelinLights | Dramaturgy: Martin Wigger

Actors Judith Strößenreuter, Philippe Graff, Inga Eickemeier, Florian Müller-Morungen en Martin Hug | Puppeteers and dancers: Cat Smits, Ivan Blagajcevic en Rakesh Sukesh | DJ: Lukas Huber

Kasimir & Karoline is a production of Theater Basel in collaboration with Ulrike Quade Company.