The Fairy Queen

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

,,Boundaries between disciplines are blurring.’’

Thüringer Allgemeine

The Fairy Queen is a performance about fluidity versus rigidity, about gender blurring that transcends all genres. Henry Purcell (1659-1695), who is seen as the first English opera composer, made The Fairy Queen in which he mixed the original lyrics of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with festive baroque songs. It is therefore called a semi-opera, because of the two genres (texts and music) that are mixed here. In this international Fairy Queen music, dance, theater and puppetry, Ulrike interweaves into an interdisciplinary show in which Ulrike directs dancers, puppet players, singers, a large orchestra and choir in Erfurt, Germany.

Ulrike Quade directs the well-known opera The Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell with lyrics from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Fairy Queen is a co-production with Theater Erfurt, Tanztheater Erfurt and Theater Waidspeicher. These three large city theaters have asked Ulrike Quade to direct the semi-opera with twelve dancers, six puppet players, seven singers, a large orchestra and choir in Erfurt, Germany. The premiere took place on 18 May 2019. 

Credits The Fairy Queen

Direction: Ulrike Quade

Dramaturgy: Larissa Wieczorek

Musical direction: Samuel Bachli

Editing, new texts en assistant director: Thomas Lamers

Set design: Marc Warning

Costume design: Carly Everaert

Choreografie: Ester Ambrosino

Lighting design: Floriaan Ganzevoort

Puppet Design & Creation: Kazunori Watanabe

Choir direction: Andreas Ketelhut

Soloists: Julia Neumann, Daniela Gerstenmeyer, Andreas Karasiak, Juri Batukov, Katja Bildt, Julian Freibott, Ks. Máté Sólyom-Nagy, Tomas Mielentz, Steffie Konig, Martin Vogel, Paul Gunther, Karoline Vogel, Kathrin Bluchert

Photography: © Lutz Edelhoff

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