Radio Exit Live

A man wakes up, listens to the announcement of a crime on the radio and figures out that he has been killed. His body starts a surreal journey where the radio talks back, where advertisements come alive and soap-opera voices walk around as real people. He finds himself dead, back in the circus of his past life – and no exit.

Radio Exit Live is a performance with puppets and a multidisciplinary cast. In collaboration with Figurteateret Stamsund (the Nordland Visual Theater) Norway.

,,Hallucinating. Ulrike Quade drags you into the absurde, the poetical, the humorist…’’

★★★★ Volkskrant (Mirjam van der Linden)

,,Powerful images (…) fanstastic visual findings (…) Radio Exit Live is full of potential.’’

★★★★ NRC Handelsblad (Herien Wensink)

,,Stunning world premiere (…) a roaring succes’’


,,Grotesque, surreal and beautiful.’



Concept, design & direction: Ulrike Quade
Performers: Meike van den Akker, Jan van der Kammen or Tarik Rammo, Aleksandra Sende, Cat Smits & Maarten Wansink
Dramaturgy: Georg Weinand
Text: Joost Vandecasteele
Sounddesign: Hans Appelqvist
Lighting design: Stephen Rolfe
Directing assistance: Jeannie Charlene
Direction advice: Jos van Kan
Assistant puppetmaker: Maria Landgraf
Set building: David O’Sullivan
Special effects: Jeroen Henstra
Technical realisation: Floris van den Berg/Flowsound
Props: Annike Kaljouw
Costumes: Patricia Lim
Technicians: Niels Runderkamp & Bart Reijners
Photography: John Stenersen