De Nieuwe Rus

Ulrike Quade Company and Bellevue Lunchtheater present the new lunch performance Limonov. An impressionistic sketch of the new Russia, through the eyes of Eduard Limonov. As a poet, writer and controversial politician, he plays a role his own hero novel, full of sex and alcohol. Disappointed in the free Western world, he finds on his return to Russia a confused country in need for a direction.

Limonov is a committed play with the different visions and voices like Limovov has himself. Through puppets Ulrike Quade shows the different voices of Limonov in all their diversity. Four young playwrights associated with De Tekstsmederij provided text contributions.

,,The powerful visual scenes, with a proper dose of short monologues and philosophical commentary of four young writers from De Tekstsmederij, depict in outline Limonovs never-ending struggle. (…) Smart, hearty performance during your lunchbreak. Drink that glass of vodka when you enter the theater.’’

★★★ Volkskrant (Mirjam van der Linden)

,Seemingly effortless they play the shadowy characters of the Wild West period in the recent history of Russia (…) ’’

★★★★ Theaterkrant (Peter Rings)

,,De Nieuwe Rus is a must-see. Three young actors and a number of scary puppets act out the bitter struggle of controversial Russian politician, writer and poet Eduard Limonov to hard musical club beats. In beautiful scenes, Limonov confronts bascially everything: the Sovjet state, his fellow dissidents, capitalist America as well as the Russia of Vladimir Poetin. ‘Yesterday they’d arrest you for what you had. Today for what you think.’

Het Parool (Jan Pieter Ekker)


At theaterfestival De Parade the performance was presented with the title De Nieuwe Rus.

Director: Ulrike Quade
Cast: Niels Kuiters, Daan Colijn and Sacha Muller
Text Contributions: Simon Weeda, Floor van Lissa, Michiel Cox and Timen Jan Veenstra
Music: Niels Kuiters
Video: Daan Colijn
Assistant director: Suze van Miltenburg
Dramaturgy: Thomas Lamers
Textdramaturgy: Simone Hogendijk
Lighting design: Floriaan Ganzevoort | de Theatermachine
Costume design: Jacqueline Steijlen
Technician: Jan Sol

Puppets: Matt Jackson, Maria Landgraf, Isabel Alonso Pola, Ulrike Quade and Pluck Venema

Photograph: Michiel Voet

Scene photography: Bowie Verschuuren

Limonov is a coproduction with Bellevue Lunchtheater is association with De Tekstsmederij