Dorian Gray

Based on Oscar Wilde’s bestselling novel

The human of the future will be freed from humanity.

Imagine that through modern technology we no longer feel pain, we no longer grow old and ugly and we no longer die. Will machines have defeated humans? In a macaber fairytale, Ulrike Quade and Romain Bischoff take a close look at the engineered human. Their inspiration is Oscar Wilde’s novel: ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.

After a diabolical experiment, Dorian Gray becomes immortal by changing place with his portrait. As the years go by he remains a perfect, young god, while his image on the painting deteriorates. What initially appears to be a hedonistic celebration, ends up a nightmare.

In this performance on the borders between opera, visual theatre and technology, Dorian Gray is no nineteenth-century dandy. Together with librettist Marcel Roijaards and composter Leonard Evers, Quade and Bischoff recreate him as a contemporary perfectionist. He is immaculate and immortal thanks to modern technology. After this new evolutionary step, we are left with one question: What of humanity remains after we are freed from decay and death is no longer inevitable?

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. — George Bernard Shaw

Dorian Gray premiered in October 2018 at Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam.

,,What they have created is a show that will stay young and vibrant for as long as it is performed and which is, above all, excellent theatre. Highly recommended.’’

Arts Talk Magazine (Michael Hasted)

,,Highly recommended.’’

★★★ De Volkskrant (Karin Veraart)


Concept: Ulrike Quade en Romain Bischoff
Direction: Ulrike Quade
Performers: Job Hubatka, Maarten Vinkenoog, André Lourenço en Kadri Tegelmann
Musical dramaturgy: Romain Bischoff
Libretto: Marcel Roijaards
Composition: Leonard Evers en Akim Moiseenkov
Creative coding / visuals: Robert Liebner
Puppet: Matt Jackson
Costume Design: Marlou Breuls
Lighting and Stage Design: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Dramaturgy: Thomas Lamers
Assistant Director: Zarah Bracht
Puppetry coaching: Suze van Miltenburg
Stage photography: Casper Koster
Photography campaign image: Anouk van Kalmthout
3D editing: Willem Stapel
Model: Freek Nieuwdorp
Hair and make-up: Aldrin-David
Photography assistant: Femke Juffermans

Dorian Gray is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL (FPK), the Amsterdam Fund for the Art (AFK) and Fonds21.