Premiere Maniacs in Theater Bellevue

4 September 2015, 10:59 uur

On Wednesday September 16th our new production MANIACS will premiere in Theatre Bellevue. MANIACS is a solo performance with Phi Nguyen and a real doll. How is it to be in a love affair with a hyperrealistic looking doll? Phi ordered his new partner on the internet, custom made to his personal preferences.

During our stay at the Bellevue Theatre (and also in selected other cities) a fringe program will provide context to the performance. Part of the program is a discussion session on modern relationships. Among the activities is a photo exhibition with work of Benita Marcussen, who photographed several men with their real dolls. But also a discussion on modern relationships with Simone van Saarloos, philosopher and playwright of Maniacs, and Jasper Jan de Konink, founder of online dating platform e-matching.

The production premiered last June in the Stamsund International Theatre Festival in the north of Norway, after a month of residency at the Figurtheatret/Nordland Visual Theatre (NVT). NVT is a production house for international makers of visual theatre. It has supported Ulrike from the beginning of her career as a theatre maker. From September until November the production will be played in The Netherlands. A Norwegian tour will follow in February 2016. Check our agenda for all confirmed dates, new dates will be added in the near future.