Voor het blok

by Suze van Miltenburg

An unconventional dialogue about the moment when something ‘comes to life’.  

With Voor het Blok Suze van Miltenburg zooms in on an essential moment in object theatre. The moment something ,comes to life’. Suze organizes a series of encounters with (life) artists to meet them in an unconventional dialogue about the soul of an object. She invites the audience to become a part of the moment.

In Voor het Blok, a black square block is central. Every night, Suze invites a new guest to take a seat in front of the block (=voor het blok). The first part of the evening focuses on observation: We zoom in on the block and discuss the moment that we feel is magic. In the second part, we move to the manipulation of the block in the hands of the artist. Every night ends with a new attempt to make the block come to life. 

Voor het Blok is Suze van Miltenburg’s first project in the New Talent programme by Ulrike Quade Company. The project was shown at a.o. PopArts Festival in Theater Bellevue Amsterdam and the Ringsporen Festival Amsterdam. It investigates the power of imagination and of the theater as a space to deal with philosophical subjects in a playful and interactive way.

Credits Voor het blok

Concept: Suze van Miltenburg

Object: Chris Cournil

Documentation: Sofie Boiten

Guests (until now: Hella Godee (philosopher / dramaturgy), Karlijn Hamer (musical theater maker), Mardulier & Deprez (circus and peformance collective), Rutger Gernandt (business director), Iris Dik (curator), Holger Nickisch (visual artist / curator).