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Ulrike Quade enjoys international fame as a theatre maker who uses handmade human figures as true-to-life actors in her productions. Her creations are a combination of sculpture and dance, mime and performance, language and music. These visual theatre performances are multi-layered, surreal and surprisingly light-hearted.

Director Ulrike Quade is fascinated by man and his near future. In a world where the boundaries between people and technology are becoming more and more blurred, the question of how we deal with objects becomes increasingly important. Quade creates new worlds and gives shape to possible future images. Performances with a magical beauty and at the same time so much more realistic than we think.

Three premieres are scheduled for 2019. The opera “The Fairy Queen – Ein Sommernachtstraum” did premiere on 18 May 2019. In this co-production with Theater Erfurt, Tanztheater Erfurt and Waidspeicher Theater, Ulrike Quade is responsible for the direction. The location performance “Technostalgia” was playing at theater festival Oerol from 14 to 23 June. In this co-production with Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, the public is taken on a walk on Mars. The premiere of “The Dreamless” will take place on September 19, 2019. In this auditory trip that is made in co-production with Strijbos & Van Rijwijk, the public is taken to a future world in which we no longer sleep.

The Company

In the past co-productions were realized with;

Silbersee, (Dorian Gray 2018, Dido Dido 2017), Theater Waidspeicher, Germany (Love of 7 Dolls 2017), Operahouse De Munt/La Monnaine, Belgium (Madama Butterfly 2017), Jo Strømgren Kompani, Norway (Coco Chanel 2017, The Writer 2009, The Painter 2013),  MASSMoCA, USA (The Wall 2008), Stichting Oorkaan Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Lisa’s Big Journey 2009, KrabatT 2014) Nordland Visual Theatre Stamsund , Norway (The Writer 2009 & Radio Exit Live 2011, The Painter 2013), The Glasshouse, Amsterdam (Dog’s Love 2011), Bellevue Lunchtheater, Amsterdam (Mahler & Kokoschka 2018, Limonov 2016, Dog’s Love 2011) Nbprojects/Nicole Beutler, Amsterdam The Netherlands (Dido, Dido 2017, Antigone 2012), Staatstheater Oldenburg Germany (The Painter 2013), LGL Ljubljana Slovenia (Krabat 2014)

The performances of Ulrike Quade Company are frequently shown internationally at festivals and in the regular programming of venues. For the current playlist, click here.

From 2009 on, Ulrike Quade is structural supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL and by the city of Amsterdam.

“The images which are created by the puppets, are generally very convincing, especially by the quality of the manipulation of the puppets. That visual quality is very important for the originality of the work”. “In the plans for the coming years, the diversity is striking. Several interesting topics are combined with various puppetry techniques. The committee appreciates the investigative process of Ulrike Quade to continue the development of an own visual language. It shows the originality of the artist”. (From advisory Performing Arts Fund NL)

The Ulrike Quade Company is founded in 1999 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There’s a small team of permanent staff lead by Ulrike Quade, artistic director. Inke Berbee (Bureau Berbee, culturele affaires) is responsible for the distribution of the performances in the Netherlands and Flanders. For a full overview of staff members click here.

Ulrike Quade

Ulrike Quade is one of The Netherlands’ most outstanding visual theatre makers. She has created her personal theatrical signature by combining puppetry, dance, (physical)theatre and scenography. She consistently explores her personal theatrical language, in which the expressive power of visual images is of the greatest importance. The productions speak directly to audiences through their intensity and openness, and in the surprising way that objects and subjects come to life.

Ulrike Quade was inspired to this theatrical form in Japan, by Hoichi Okamoto and his quirky solo puppet theater and butoh dance. Since then she has worldwide fame with her performances. The Ulrike Quade Company performed in venues and at the invitation of festivals in Europe (UK, Norway, Germany, France, Italy), the United States, China and Taiwan.

Ulrike Quade graduated from the acting department of the Utrecht School of the Arts in 1998 and from the theatre making department with a Master’s degree in scenography in 1999. She was the first Dutch director to be awarded a Directors Lab Scholarship by New York’s Lincoln Center in 2004.

Together with Duda Paiva, she created the successful performances Dead Orange Walk, Two Old Ladies and the double bill Nude Volume/Angel. Dead Orange Walk was nominated as the most remarkable and innovative performance of the New Theatre Makers Series of the 2003/2004 season.

Me too – a sideshow (2006), about a Siamese twins, was her first solo project. International co- production and collaborations followed. Ulrike Quade’s work is presented at the leading international theatre festivals in Europe and worldwide. In 2007 she collaborated with director Jos van Kan on The Second Goodbye; a co-production with The Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company in Taipei, Taiwan. In the same year, she was invited by the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts in the USA to make a first version of The Wall, which in 2008 was produced and performed.