About Ulrike Quade Company

‘Magic’, ‘enchanting’, ‘insinuating’, ‘hallucinating’, ‘poetic’, that’s the kind of terms used to describe the creations by Ulrike Quade Company. She combines visual arts with dance, performance, text and music.

Ulrike Quade herself is the artistic director and director. She creates shows that leave just enough room for the complexity of your own inner experience, dreams and fantasy. 

But they are more than fairytales. Quade creates contemporary, engaged re-workings of texts, portraits of artists, like the ‘heartfelt’ (de Volkskrant****) Mahler & Kokoschka. 

Since 2018 she also works with Science Fiction. The theater company is currently producing a series of dystopian scenarios of the future in which technology plays a major role. For example Technostalgia, a piece about an abandoned landscape on planet Mars. Or The Dreamless, set in a world without sleep.

These technological visions of the future require the team to engage in developing new technologies themselves. They are diving into creating apps and 3D printed hyper realistic dolls. The company is also currently participating in a large-scale university research programme that explores the use of robots in fields such as theatre, healthcare institutions, and commercial enterprises. As we would say when speaking in the language of puppeteers: “We want to find out how to give them a soul”.

Ulrike Quade Company works with many co-producers and creates shows that range from intimate to grande. From 70 people in the Paloni hall of Theater Bellevue Amsterdam to 1100 people at the Opera De Munt / La Monnaie in Brussels.

Her work became internationally renowned with the quirky direction of the opera The Fairy Queen (in co-production with Theater Erfurt). German television labeled it as “Avantgarde having fun!”. The company played throughout the Netherland, from Oerol to Parkstad Limburg Theaters, and traveled the globe to a.o. Finland, Russia, Chile, Colombia, China, and Hong Kong. There are four productions currently part of the recurring repertoire of famous German theaters. 

Ulrike Quade has been internationally awarded for her work, such as receiving the award for best show of the season 2017/18 by the Amsterdam WijkJury for Coco Chanel. In 2011 she received the Gouden Arti Shock. The audience in Capelle a/d Ijssel chose The Writer (De Schrijver) as the best show from the 2010/11 list of diverse, provocative and innovative productions. In 2010 Quade was nominated for the prestigious Norwegian theatre prize Hedda Award for the outstanding artistic performance with her play The Writer. In 2010 she won the Best Play Award at the LUTKE Festival in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and in 2009 the Audience Award at the BITEF Festival Belgrade (Serbia).

Ulrike Quade Company’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam. We work with a small team led by Ulrike Quade. The sale of all shows in the Netherlands and Flanders is handled by Inke Berbee (Bureau Berbee, cultural affairs).

Ulrike Quade Company currently receives structural funding for a four-year period (2017-2020) by the Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.