Madama Butterfly

Ulrike Quade Company at De Munt Opera in Brussel!

She flutters briefly / up to an unruly flame / on into the dark

‘If I am not moved, if the libretto does not touch my heart…then it’s not for me.’ Puccini knew what he was looking for in an opera libretto…and the fact that the story of a delicate Japanese ‘butterfly’ moved him deeply is apparent in every note of the score. The young geisha Cio-Cio-San has been waiting for years for the return of her American ‘husband’, the naval officer Pinkerton. When she finally grasps the truth, her fate is sealed and she takes the action that her code of honor imposes.

Madama Butterfly marked a new phase in Puccini’s development, in which he enriched his musical palette with the exoticism of the Far East. The fact that his direct emotionality contains a universal dimension is clear from the lasting worldwide popularity of this work. De Munt Brussel, Hotel Pro Forma and Ulrike Quade Company bring East and West together in a theatrical ritual for our time. Kazushi Ono conducts this work for the first time.


Conductor: Roberto Rizzi Brignoli / Bassem Akiki (10, 12 & 14/2)
Director: Kirsten Dehlholm (Hotel Pro Forma)
Co-Director: Jon R. Skulberg
Co-Director Puppetry: Ulrike Quade
Puppeteers: Ruben Mardulier, Suze van Miltenburg, Tim Hammer en Joris de Jong
Set design:
Maja Ziska
Henrik Vibskov
Jesper Kongshaug
Krystian Lada
Choreography: Kenzo Kusuda
Chorus Master:
Martino Faggiani

Madama Butterfly is an coproduction of De Munt Opera, Hotel Pro Forma and Ulrike Quade Company. Supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Belfius.

Photograph: Emmanuelle Brisson.


NRC (Joep Stapel):

“‘Butterfly’ as bunraku doll is brilliantly ambiguous”